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Summary ✓ Indigo Travelers and the Dragons Blood Sword 104 G him back to defeat the power hungry tyrant Xander is just a kid trying to avoid his bullies at school–and maybe forget about Milo the childhood best friend who disappeared years ago He doesn’t know anything about prophecies and griffins or giant kings or dragon swords So when Connor and others from the world of. A magical and enchanting story for young readers I was reminded of childhood readings of folklore at my grandparent s summer cottage at Silver Lake near Perry New York A little editing and this will be a 5 star readIf your an adult reader I recommend the contemporary Deep Magic Magazine or the classics such as Tolkien s Hobbit or CS Lewis The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Also check out ML Spencer s The Rhenwars Saga and AM Justice s A Wizard s Forge

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Summary ✓ Indigo Travelers and the Dragons Blood Sword 104 Curá arrive seeking his help Xander is unsure they’ve chosen the right savior Is he the fabled Indigo Traveler able to change the heart of the rampaging King Titus and restore the dragon’s peace Or will Xander’s fear hold him back from the confrontation as much as it keeps him from seeking the truth about Mil. This book is a vast improvement on the first edition The story is loosely based on familiar mythology with griffins and dragons wizards and minotaurs The protagonist a teenager from Nampa Idaho has deep uestions about his role in life and the special talents with which he is blessed or cursed Xander can read souls He can see the secret thoughts of those around him and sometimes further away One of those others is an evil king in another world and it takes magical griffins talking cats werecats and a whole cast of others to bring Xander face to face with the king and with his own soul searching uestions Halma has a wicked sense of humor which shows through her characters a strong sense of family and a firm grasp on a reality only she could have created First in a series this book is a great beginning

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Summary ✓ Indigo Travelers and the Dragons Blood Sword 104 When the giant King Titus declares war on the other inhabitants of Curá breaking a thousand year old treaty who will wield the great dragon’s sword and remind him of what was once sacrificed for peace Crow Judge Connor will have to travel to another world if he wants to find the prophesied Indigo Traveler and brin. I was given this book by the author in exchange for a fair review No other gifts such as chocolate money or the promise to put my children through school were exchangedI ll start off by saying that this novel was a pretty wild ride Ms Halma tosses in everything but the kitchen sink with griffins and dragons wizards minotaurs you name it it s in there The main character Xander Alexander is a teenager from Idaho and he wonders where his life will go along with dealing with the minutia of school life bullies meeting girls and so onXander also has special gifts He thinks he s either blessed or cursed and has to find out what his role in life is If that sounds like a trope it is But the author has a deft touch and in the hands of a lesser writer it would have come off as forced Not here You see Xander can read souls He can see the secret thoughts of those around him and sometimes from a great distanceI won t go through the plot of this novel I ll leave that for the readers to discover for themselves Ms Halma has an offbeat sense of humor almost wicked at times and her characters are well rounded Now there are a few formatting issues along with a few mistakes in punctuation and whatnot but in no way did that diminish my enjoyment of the novel It was good enough for me to round it up to five stars I have heard there is a seuel and this first installment lays the groundwork for epic happenings in the universe that the author has constructedRecommended