Perto do Coração Selvagem (E–book)

  • Paperback
  • 208
  • Perto do Coração Selvagem
  • Clarice Lispector
  • Spanish
  • 09 October 2020
  • 9789871772247

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Perto do Coração Selvagem Summary Û 4 Ce Lispector ha desplazado el centro de gravedad alrededor del cual la novela brasileña ha estado girando desde hace añosJorge de Lima. I was just reminded by my GR friend Glenn Russell of all the great Brazilian authors that I have neglected and not rated nor reviewed What a shame being a Brazilian myself I will try to correct this lack in the near future starting with Clarice Lispector I read almost all her work years ago including Near to the Wild Heart but they are always with me 5 stars and highly recommended

review Perto do Coração SelvagemPerto do Coração Selvagem

Perto do Coração Selvagem Summary Û 4 NiñoDinah Silveyra de ueiroz Cerca del corazón salvaje es la mejor novela escrita por una mujer en la lengua portuguesaLédo IvoClari. Freedom isn t enough What I desire doesn t have a name yet It took me some time to understand that one can t please everyone And if you re trying then sooner than later you ll end up feeling only disappointment and emptiness Trying to pleasing others against your own desires and needs you only hurt yourself And nobody even notices that Oh Clarice how did you do that that like hurricane after all this is how you were named entered in my well ordered life With this novel so honestly and deeply penetrating soul I felt all these uestions returned to me All these concerns and problems big and small ones resounded in my head reminding me myself when I was at your ageI started reading with some obvious associations Firstly the title He was unheeded happy and near to the wild heart of life it is Joycean Stephen Dedalus in his uest of own identityThen the cover intriguing and unsettling as from some futuristic dreamscape where some woman is lying as if she was sleeping or waiting But for what Or whom Is she waiting for somebody to wake her up to the life Or maybe she prefers dreaming than living And so Joana is A little live egg according to her father a viper for her aunt betrayed by her husband Otavio Child girl woman And whom is she for herself Stranger with wild animal inside her always diffrent from others distant hidden behind own dreams Joana examining her life her soul Joana in the mirrors in the rain in the stars Sadly a happy woman Thoughts flow through her mind incessantly her soul scattered on millions atoms sliding from one truth to the other and still uestions and uestions What would become of Joana Prose is elliptical and hypnotic reminds Virginia Woolf in Waves The plot almost doesn t exist and if it s secondary because what really matters here is Joana s inner life Only images flashes and snatches and self exploration to finally make her decision to be triumphantly reborn I will surpass myself in waves ah Lord and may everything come and fall upon me even the incomprehension of myself at certain white moments because all I have to do is comply with myself and then nothing will block my path until death without fear from any struggle or rest I will rise up as strong and beautiful as a young horse

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Perto do Coração Selvagem Summary Û 4 La totalidad del libro es un milagro de euilibrio combinando la lucidez intelectual de los personajes de Dostoievski con la pureza de un. Where does music go when it s not playing she asked herself And disarmed she would answer May they make a harp out of my nerves when I dieA uest for measuring the eternity and finding some sense in defining the immortality while the object of all desires remains nothing but one s own life A truly wild heart Like a breath of fresh melancholic air Clarice Lispector finally entered my world and brought along an exuisite gift of precious reflections made out of the lyrical strands of dazzling sentences A sororal feeling ascended settled down and went away only to come back with full force after small intervals of opening and closing each new chapter of this astonishing literary feat now she was sadly a happy woman A childhood full of uestions leading up to womanhood full of unsure answers the journey of Joana s life comprises of rampant jumps and reckless missteps between a dark abyss and the bright limitless sky A person of extremes and yet it s not hard to imagine her universe In fact it was dangerously easy for me to understand her and making out her silhouette even from a good distance A sense of affinity was present throughout as if a part of me wandered through some anonymous streets without my knowledge and poured her heart out to another wandered soul Some of those shared thoughts if splashed on a piece of paper would form a familiar picture of words written in this book which made me ignore the apparent flaws in Joana s character and admire her plunge into a dreamy reality An oxymoronic joy was thus realized by contemplating every random feeling which either led to articulated ramblings or enthralling discoveries Maybe women s divinity wasn t specific but merely resided in the fact of their existence Yes yes there was the truth they existed than other people they were the symbol of the thing in the thing itself And woman was mystery in itself she discovered There was in all of them a uality of raw material something that might one day define itself but which was never realized because its real essence was becoming Wasn t it precisely through this that the past was united with the future and with all times I was spellbound after reading the aforementioned uote and my mind went back and forth to that young girl of 23 sitting in her room not alone but in the enchanting company of her sparkling words and innocently creating a literary work which is undeniably worthy of being called a masterpiece She possibly saved her life through writing but she has definitely given me a new lifeline of her magical thoughts Whether one read in order to connect or to walk on the uncharted paths the satisfaction rendered from few books is hard to describe In that case only a short heartfelt Thank You can be directed towards the said book and its respected author So Thank You Clarice I m clearly besotted I don t feel madness in my wish to bite stars but the earth still exists And because the first truth is in the earth and the body If the twinkling of the stars pains me if this distant communication is possible it is because something almost like a star uivers within meA Beauty to Behold Clarice Lispector