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The Blood Mirror Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Stripped of both magical and political power the people he once ruled told he's dead and now imprisoned in his own magical dungeon former Emperor Gavin Guile has no prospec. So Much LoveHonestly ever since I started reading Brent Weeks I ve been trying to capture the feel of his glorious writing in all the wrong places I keep picking up Epic Fantasies here and there and everywhere just trying to satisfy my fix And yetWell let me be perfectly honest here Less than a handful have matched half of the sheer awesomeness in the Lightbringer series Many many are lucky to fill this one s cup even to a third or maybe a fourth of the way upLightbringer is just that goodThis fourth book keeps up the pressure in no uncertain ways It still continues to develop the magic system of forming light into solid shapes or burning gels or even just increasing intelligence but it dives deeper into soul casting and will casting as well I m thrilled beyond belief Rule based magic systems are amazing but rule based systems that come with very well thought out internal pressures and corrections with uite this much depth of surprising reveals It just blows me away Seriously This is one colorful tale The battles are bright as hell It s a creative masterpieceCharacters Oh god I can t even begin I love everyone All the good the bad and all the myriad in between Yeah I m looking at you Gavin Guile Andros But who is the one that just deserves love Kip I don t care what anyone says He s always been the man in my eyes Any author who can take a mouthy fat kid and turn him into uite this much an underdog hero and eventually the hero of the realm with full marks has got to be brilliant Oh I guess I just said that Brent Weeks it brilliant didn t IWell I m not taking it back These twists and turns have got me in a real whirl I m pretty much speechless in awe All this time we ve always been asking Who is the real Lightbringer The prophesy is so damn specific and open to interpretation all this time and yet circumstances keep colliding in utterly different ways to fulfill it I love how the books have been keeping me guessingBut now we know I m so giddy Jeeze My only complaint is that someone needs to change the blurb on this book from Conclusion and do it pretty damn uick These stories are NOT done Oh maybe another complaint Don t make us wait so long for the next one

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The Blood Mirror Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook D gods are born anew the fate of worlds will come down to one uestion Who is the LightbringerLightbringer The Black Prism The Blinding Knife The Broken Eye The Blood Mirror. So I finally finished this mess of a book Believe it or not I was actually looking forward for it to end It s such a mess After reading a few reviews here I finally get the sense of what s wrong with it It has an unfinished feel to it Half of the pages could have been deleted and the story would remain unchangedKip s POV are the worst and not because of his relationship with Tisis Everything else about these POVs feels so off Humans will casting animals Big bears going to war Some pygmies that we never heard about before They all seem to come out of nowhere The world building could have been interesting but it felt rushed and unbelievable And Kip is so out of character He was soooo boring I asked before and I m asking again when did he become such a great leader of men Such a great commander It s so random And don t get me started on Karris POVs They were the worst probably worse than Kip s She s such a boring predictable character Her actions ring so fake Why is nobody offended by the way she acts Where is the Spectrum by the way Why are they not restraining her the way they used to try to restrain Gavin And why is Zymun present only once since he s the Prism Elect We are told over and over again that he s horrible but we never see him do anything horrible It s like he s there only to make Karris look like an angel She s not She s not believable in her role as the White And what was that meeting with the White King It was so random and brought literally nothing His appearance as described in the previous books was caused by hexes That sounds so cheap I wish he were present He would surely help move the plot forwardTeia s POVs get a tiny bit better though she only seems to be flailing about in over her head with no idea how to get out She s not very believable either All her previous keen intelligence seems to have vanished She just reacts nowGavin s POVs were my favourite Some revelations were stunning others fell flat view spoilerI felt so utterly cheated when we learned that Dazen was never thrown in jail that he was killed at Sundered Rock Why bother writing his POVs in the first two books then It makes no sense at all hide spoiler

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The Blood Mirror Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook T of escape But the world faces a calamity greater than the Seven Satrapies has ever seen and only he can save itAs the armies of the White King defeat the Chromeria and ol. 455Another buddy read with my fellow fantasy lovers at BBB Death always finds a wayStop what gaps you may Scream defiance that you liveLife leaks through the mortal sieve So this was my most anticipated book of the year It s hard to find words to describe how I am feeling after this book I would love to incoherently fan girl over this book for hours but I decided to write a proper review for this book So here it goes exhales So this is very hard for me because I feel like I could combust or hyperventilate at any moment still three days after reading this I m still edgy from how amazing it was but I felt a little disappointed and let down at the end It made me want to go onto my roof and just screamEverything that happened I did NOT see coming and by the end of the book my mind was actually blown So when I was first picked up The Blood Mirror I literally jumped around my house with joy this book is my baby and if I could sleep with it I would Yep that s how creepy I am But this book it gave me the FEELS BAD even looking at the cover I wanna burst into tears of joy and cuddle it cuddle the author and all the characters Ahem especially Gavin wink wink the last book left us at a huge cliffhanger so I was so wrapped when I finally got my precious insert golem voice I honestly tried to savor this book for as long as I could That lasted one weekend and the book was devoured I literally couldn t help myself this book was so exciting I could not put it down Okay now enough of my fan girl cheerleading everyone who knows me well knows that this is one of my favorite series ever and a treasure I hold close to my heart so this review will be word vomit But guess what It wasn t all rainbows kittens and puppy dogs Some parts in this book disappointed me and I mean really disappointed me That s why it doesn t get five stars Yes it was everything I expected but then it kinda wasn t I think Brent Weeks has taken a completely different direction with this book which annoys me all the other books were perfect but this one just wasn t It made me so angry that I hated it while loving it Haha sorry I don t make sense but whatever you were warned this review would be a mess some of the twists were just so fucked up that I felt really disappointed There was a lack of action in this book which also annoyed me heaps I found this book was just politics which bores me yawn This book made me cry with both joy and anger haha So pretty much an emotional rollercoaster So yes clearly this book was not perfect for me but I still loved it If he was the Lightbringer he would shake the pillars of the earth At the Lightbringer s coming the pious the desperate the poor the na ve the fools the idealistic the young all those would flock not to the Lightbringer but to their hope of what the Lightbringer would do for them To those who had nothing he could be everything Brent Weeks has his own writing style that I absolutely love I love how real his characters feel I also love the fact that he swears basically every second sentence and tends to make up his own words just like I do D this book was the best in the series for writing and character development everything was just so amazing and realistic I need to talk about the amount of sex scenes sexual references in this book it had me giggling like a 12 year old like seriously who calls a dick a horn or talks about the root going into the cave Holy shit there was so much sex talk and it surprised me I m not used to reading sex scenes especially in fantasy books I feel like Brent Weeks was trying to make a statement that this is adult fantasy and he isn t afraid to write sex scenes or talk about sensitive issues that women around the world face and that issue being vaginismus which is basically when a women can t relax during sex due to her first time being abusive or rough or the female can just be born with it obviously it s a serious issue and shouldn t be laughed at even if the name is uite funny a lot of women live in fear of sex because they have this issue I can t believe a man wrote about it and made the issue real in his story I am so proud of Brent Weeks for taking a step for the ladies and talking about something that most women would feel embarrassed to even talk about with close girlfriends I m proud of him for addressing these issues and solving them in his story well done mate Bravo I m going to cry while I wait TWO FUCKING YEARS for book five