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Summary Ò The Legend of Parshu Raam ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook And just society This book shall introduce you to the clash that completely transformed India's social structure in a bygone. Parshuram The embodiment of Lord Vishnu himself the disciple of Lord Shiva wielder of both the axe of Shiva and Vishnu s bow one of the seven immortals the man who clansed the earth from the arrogant Kshatriyas for twenty one times the teacher of legendary warriors like Bheeshma Karna Dronacharya and Kripacharya the only Bharamakhsatriya known in the history of mankindEven after having such a larger than time personality there is no epic is available which chronicles the entire life of Parshuram as the Ramayana for Ram and the Mahabharat for Krishna We only hear the stories of this man from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and from many folk tales alsoWhen I came to know about this book I picked it with great expectations and enthusiasm that finally someone tried to chronicle the life of this legend But the book can t lived up to the expactations The book is about the situations which led a Bhramin boy Ram to become the Bharamakhsatriya Parshuram Rather than the legend of Parshuram it s Parshuram Origins The first three parts of the book covers only the story of Kartavirya Arjun and his exploits The author tried to make Kartavirya Arjun as the second protagonist of the book but the character lacked the depth The story of transformation of Arjun from protagonist to antagonist was unacceptable It was a bad and impractical idea Ravan s character is used as Shakuni of the novel Some events were very similar to the Shiva trilogyThe author has done a good job in describing the political and social conditions of India at that time but in the midst of great political canvas which covers than half of the book main story which I was expecting was lost somewhere The narration was simple and good If this book was first book of any series the book would be a great start to the seriesIt was not what expacted25 Stars

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Summary Ò The Legend of Parshu Raam ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Age It is the story of the man who rose to the level of divinity the story of the making of a legend The Legend of Parshu Raam. The lesser known mortals of Indian mythology seen in a new insightful lightMany Indians will know of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu but seldom do any of us know any avatar aside of Lord Ram and Krishna This book is the life story of Parshuraam the warrior avatar of Lord Vishnu The Legend of Parshuraam methodically retraces his life beginning with a perspective of how things had shaped up in the generation that ruled prior to him in Nabhivarsh older name for the Indian subcontinent The book also beautifully highlights the softer elements of the man who is best known as a killing machineIt is a layered story with a series of subplots each delving into the human psychology and the complexities that emanate from people trying to manipulate others to get their way It explains in a subtle way the unknown ramifications of a series of binary choices that people are faced with and the outcome that leads them to paths they would not have imagined in their wildest dreams akin to the butterfly effectFeel proud of Dr Vineet Aggarwal and feel happy to know that he has matured beautifully as a writer The earlier book Vishwamitra has been a good warm up to this staggering feat the future classic fingers crossed The Legend of Parshuraam Kudos Doc cheers

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Summary Ò The Legend of Parshu Raam ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook The story of a simple Brahmin boy who was forced to challenge the powerful Kshatriya rulers of his time for establishing a fair. A fitting tribute to the wielder of Siva s axI couldn t find a book in realm of fiction completely dedicated to Parasu Ramrather than portraying him as a supporting character and when I find this oneThanks to the author I m not disappointedRight from the beginning to the endI ve thoroughly enjoyed the book The main protagonist didn t appear till halfway through the bookthat came as a bit surprisebut the void was completely filled by Arjun and his transformation from good to bad is portrayed brilliantlyThe reason why Parasu Ram chose the way he d chosen was put forth in a believable way The interactions of Parasu Ram with Vashist and Viswamitra was written wellThe emotional turmoils of SatyavatiJamagadniRuchik were captured well and the philosophical theme is maintained throughout the lengthAs usual the fusion of ScienceMyth and Philosophy which is hallmark of the author was well maintained in this work as well For those who ve read viswamitrathis might look like a seuel to itAll in all can complete this in a single sitting and you ll thoroughly enjoy the bookCongrats to the author for portraying The Legendary Parasu Ram in a legendary wayhail the Avatar of vishnu and Disciple of Siva Parasu Ram