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  • Erasure by Percival Everett
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  • 20 September 2018
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REVIEW ô Erasure by Percival Everett Thelonious Monk Ellison has never allowed race to define his identity But as both a writer and an African American he is offended and angered by the success of We's Lives in Da Ghetto the exploitative debut novel of a young middle class black woman who once visited some relatives in Harlem for a couple of days Hailed as an authentic representation of the African American experience the book is a national bestseller and its author feted on. On Not Fitting In Racism is of course one of a large family of cultural behaviours which includes misogyny anti Semitism Islamophobia and xenophobia among many others We are told by sociologists that these behaviours are in some sense normal because we have a natural human preference for those who are like ourselves Folk have a right to value what they know and feel familiar with politicians say Because such preferences are instinctive there is really no way to inhibit them lawyers chime in Victims shouldn t take them personally contend the perpetrators such behaviour is the conseuence of multi cultural society and must be tolerated Corporate marketers are just glad they have something on which to hang their promotionsBullshit If preferences were a function of values they can be exercised freely and without fanfare in most modern societies The driving force of these behaviours is not any positive value but negative fear The instinct involved is not group solidarity but the terror of uncertainty Prejudice is not an expression of culture it is an attack on possibility that all culture is relative Every form of prejudice is a statement of veiled doubt about truths that one prefers not to examine too closely Christianity as the religion of love democracy as the rule of the people civilisation as a European invention patriotism as a virtue or being black demands writing black books But there is much bigger and general fear a fear that is so terrifying that it has not be given a proper name This is the fear of difference per se a fear of that which does not conform to any categorisation even of existing prejudices Someone who is neither white nor black religious nor atheist male nor female is a threat simply because they cannot be placed and dealt with through the logic of prejudice These are the existential non conformists I get the paradox of naming them as such so eat this term before reading They may be political but they would never join a political party Whatever they do to make a living never becomes their self identity Those they associate with they treat civilly but not as friendsSociety erases these people from its collective consciousness but not its unconsciousness in which social anxiety without a name grows They have no status whatsoever they are non persons Nonetheless they have identifying characteristics they are uncomfortable with cocktail party chat they mistrust all institutions and their most enthusiastic promoters and although they are often fluent in the professional vocabulary and speech patterns of the moment they don t believe any of it This last makes them particularly dangerous because it suggests that they are effectively fifth columnists deep cover agents of some unknown but dangerous alien presenceOn the other hand no one ever went broke overestimating the aesthetic of fear in the market The existential non conformist therefore has a real problem Is there such a category as fake authenticity Perhaps But being neither entirely in nor entirely out is sure to cause immense fear among those who want certainty Call it adaptive irony And then forget you ever heard about it Only after having written this did I realise the influence of Ursula Le Guin in The Left Hand of Darkness No I don t mean love when I say patriotism I mean fear The fear of the other And its expressions are political not poetical hate rivalry aggression It grows in us that fear It grows in us year by year Isn t the subtlety by which we develop our views incredible

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REVIEW ô Erasure by Percival Everett E ghetto wanna be lit represented by We's Lives in Da Ghetto But when his agent sends this literary indictment included here in its entirety out to publishers it is greeted as an authentic new voice of black America Monk or his pseudonymous alter ego Stagg R Leigh is offered money fame success beyond anything he has known And as demand begins to build for meetings with and appearances by Leigh Monk is faced with a whole new set of problem. This is the story of a black author artist and intellectual who is greatly respected in small circles yet has not and does not seek fame for his talents On a lark he writes a ridiculously over the top racist pop novel of massively stereotyped ghetto and submits it anonymously To his great chagrin it becomes a best seller and he becomes wealthy overnight The story weaves his youth as a black man in America with his professional family in a most skilful and interesting way The struggles of a gay black brother an aloof father that shows him unabashed favoritism and a mother who is approaching dementia are contrasted against the protagonists own self recrimination and doubt The ending is dazzling the writing is superb and lively The story is uite frankly exceptionalThis author has remarkable intellect and skill I m certain it is an autobiographical fantasy It is clever in ways that are hard to imagine showing remarkable creativity yet not confusing like other experimental novels It seems a true rendering of what it truly means to be an authentic black man in America not the cliue that is so prevalent in public discourse I have to give it 5 stars it is that good There are snippets of literature art experimental poetry woven in I didn t even understand much of this but I loved it think Vonnegut The novel within this novel is rendered completely like the one in Irving s The World According to Garp Check it out you won t be disappointed

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REVIEW ô Erasure by Percival Everett The Kenya Dunston television show The book's success rankles all the as Monk's own most recent novel has just notched its seventh rejection Even as his career as a writer appears to have stalled Monk finds himself coping with changes in his personal life In need of distraction from old memories new responsibilities and his professional stagnation Monk composes in a heat of inspiration and energy a fierce parody of the sort of exploitativ. I feel generally out of place says the protagonist Thelonious Monk Ellison near the end of this astounding book Me too And perhaps that s why this book hits me so personally that I almost can t see straightFunny moving and as with the seven other Percival Everett books I ve read unexpected and unpredictable the paperback of Erasure is printed in a tiny font and I was glad because I didn t want it to end I often stopped reading in order to prolong the pleasureWithout ruining your sweet discovery of this story suffice it to say that Monk is a multifaceted peg who doesn t fit into any known hole He is a writer whose books are too dense for most humans And not only does he wish he could be seen and appreciated for who he is but he needs money So he writes an astoundingly awful racist book a parody of popular ghetto fiction However in writing this novella included in full in the middle of this novel Everett has done something so subversive that it makes me scream and I m not sure it was intentional Yes the novella is stereotypical and funnily offensive but it also is driven by and mirrors the very frustration of the protagonist writer and I would guess Everett as well to be accepted for who he is a black man who does not fit into anybody else s box and to have his work appreciated on its own merits So even as the reader is laughing andor cringing at the exaggerated stereotypes chapter titles written Won Too Free Seben etc you are compelled by the cartoon black ghetto man s craving and fury to matter a craving that is written into all of our DNA This universality woven into pure dreck makes reading it seductive and gives credence to what then happens to it publicly I identified so intensely with the end of the book I almost had a panic attack Like Monk I ve felt generally out of place I write books that few people read And at various times in my life people have suggested that I write books to appeal to the masses Once I tried and I collapsed I couldn t do it My entire body said No Monk actually succeeds in this charade and Well read the book