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  • マース Mars #15
  • Fuyumi Soryo
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  • 19 January 2018
  • 9781591821342

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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ マース Mars #15 Ach other is a mystery to their friends What they find in each other is a miracle to themselves With a style tha. It did take me three days to finish this series I was pretty confused at the beginning because the narration went slow at times and some things were left unexplained I was finding some things uite surperficial but as I read the volumes I was surprised to see that I was wrong This work had dept and I love the psychology in it that links the various characters Overall I d give it 35 stars It was what I needed to read right now yet I feel as if it lacked of what I usually love and find interesting about a mangaview spoilerFor some things I found it predictable but for some others I didn t For example I believe when some antagonist like Masao appeared and then was put into rehab that they would be done with him I thought from that moment forward that Kira and Rei would keep on living together in his dump house until someone would save them and then they would start their life as a couple somewhere better I found it a good twist when Masao was released from the center and then he stabs Rei You may believe he s changed but he hasn t Same as with Rei s father The reader believes he s reckless and cold but in the end he s the one who loves Rei the most along with Kira I don t believe Sei loved his brother that much Or Rei s mom one thinks that she s just a poor woman who died of an illness but she decided to end her existence There are many surprising things to this story but I wish the psychology and some of the facts from the past of Rei and Kira were expanded One thing that disappointed me at the end was no baby for R and K I mean not that they needed to get her pregnant too US drama for a manga but something close I don t know I am still confused as why I wanted something like this on this manga hide spoiler

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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ マース Mars #15 T is artistic and chic this tale of restless and confused high school love will appeal to young women everywhere. Great little ending to a good series Ties things up nicelyThe series did show it s age a bit here and there something I admittedly didn t pick up on when I was collecting this back in high school Still of all the teen drama media I ve consumed over the yearsthis is still one of my favorites

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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ マース Mars #15 A bad boy can change a good girl forever Rei is the school delinuent Kira is shy and studious What they see in e. Series Rating 45This will be the review of the whole series Mars is a manga series revolving around the relationship of two unlikely high school students Rei and Kira These two people are polar opposites Rei is a rebel a player and has an obnoxious reputation while Kira is painfully shy and aloof and prefers to stay away from boys Rei dreams about being a professional racer while Kira is an artistDuring a chance encounter in the park Kira asks Rei to be a model for her and Rei surprisingly agrees After that they get closer and become a talk of the school due to their opposing personalities The story depicts the struggles of the characters to understand each other and themselves while being together and enduring the grueling life of high schoolThis was a fun series to read I was expecting just a cute love story but this is much than that It covers the dark topics such as death assault trauma and much The characters have depth to them so they feel real and likeable With each volume the story is unraveled slowly and many secrets from the past come to light It is narrated from the perspective of both characters The artwork is done beautifullyBoth Rei and Kira carry baggage from the past that they have to deal with and understand and support each other in the process The development of the main characters is given attention while the side characters aren t much explored except a few minor characters but other than that other aspects are left untouched Anyway that doesn t impact the story muchIt has some clich s that are annoying there is angst and a lot of drama but at no point does it get over the top The clich of a bad guy falling for a good girl is also handled well without the story coming off as shallow I ve seen many dramas where the story just goes so overboard that it turns unrealistic but it s not the case here Despite the serious topics the story is generally light hearted It s a little cheesy at times but in a good wayThe story takes place over the span of a few years and to be honest I was a little disappointed that it ended without resolving many plot points but I m fine with it It s a short read and I wasn t expecting much from the manga but I m pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be such an endearing story If you re looking for a cute romance with depth then I recommend this manga