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Point of No Return review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook An American boy and a warlord's engaged daughter have disappeared together in an Eastern European border country Only one man can find them in time to pr. Title POINT OF NO RETURNAuthor Susan May WarrenPublisher Love Inspired SuspenseJanuary 2011ISBN 978 0 373 44434 3Genre Inspirationalromantic suspenseMae Lund would do anything for two things One is the opportunity to fly The other is her nephew Josh When she s leaving her hated job of flying tourists too calm she gets a phone call from her sister stating that Josh had gone missing In Georgia The country Mae calls the first person who comes to mind her ex boyfriend Chet Striker Chet is surprised to hear from Mae after so long After all they hadn t parted in good terms He needed a pilot she was the best of the best but he hadn t wanted her to fly into the heart of danger Mae had never uite forgiven him for refusing to offer her the job Chet is hesitant to help her with Josh though because the Georgian officials had a price on his head If he enters the country again he s dead But Mae is insistent she is going to Georgia And the next thing she knows is Chet is there too taking a risk on his life to help her find Josh Or is he there to find the missing Princess that Josh had allegedly run away with It didn t matter Chet and Mae together were like mixing oil and water The sparks flew The anger grew And they had no idea where to look for Josh Plus the very people that want Chet dead are also on their trail POINT OF NO RETURN is the first book in Ms Warren s new series Missions of Mercy I was looking forward to reading this book since I heard that it was coming out since I liked Ms Warren s previous books set in the former Soviet Union Filled with danger intrigue and romance they can t be beat Mae and Chet are both strong willed characters suffering from the back lash of bad decisions they d made in their lives I hoped they d be able to find their peace find Josh and the Princess and love Once I started the book I had to keep reading Mae is the ueen of sarcasm and her witty comebacks were funny Plus the action and suspense were non stop Discussion uestions were included at the back of the book 550 220 pages

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Point of No Return review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sts on rescuing her relative herself Chet knows he has to protect her from the enemy on their trail Yet can he protect himself from falling for Mae again. A great story from Susan May Warren Chet Stryker has already lost one woman that he loved and is not willing to take that chance again He however is not prepared for the fact that his decision will nearly cost him that love Mae Lund is a pilot who is a risk taker willing to fly dangerous missions and she wants a job with his new security company Their attraction to each other makes her hopeful that the job will be hers but Chet s protective nature is not having any of it A call out of the blue from Mae asking him to return to a war ridden nation where he has been banned and has a price on his head for his help to find her nephew He refuses to help her and he tells her that she should not go to that country he should have known that would not stop a determined Mae A fast paced story filled with danger and romance Susan May Warren does a great job telling this action packed story A really uick read that is very enjoyable make sure to get your copy today 216 pages US 550 4 stars A discussion guide is included

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Point of No Return review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Event an international meltdown Chet Stryker But Chet is taken aback when he realizes the boy is the nephew of Mae Lund Chet's former flame When Mae insi. As a romantic suspense enthusiast from way back when I jumped at the chance to check out Susan May Warren s Love Inspired Suspense Series Missions of Mercy Susan s a prolific author but I ve only read one of her books So I was eager to see what she would bring to the table for the romantic suspense genre Here are the pros and cons of what her LI series has to offer First the pros Exotic locations check Heart stopping suspense check Plucky resourceful heroines check Tough heroes with big hearts check Just the right amount of romance and humor as befits the danger check Perfect length for me to finish while proctoring exams check Strong inspirational themes check For a bonus these guys are ex military Two checksNow the cons As far as I could discover she s only published three in this series Which definitely left me wanting My favorite aspect of the Missions of Mercy Series is that the books are written from a Christian worldview Kudos to Susan May Warren for making faith an integral part of her characters lives And the spiritual issues they wrestle with are not superficial They matter in the real world The way I see it when the man with the gun facing down a relentless physical enemy can also operate in the spiritual realm now that s a great storyThe first book Point of No Return features Chet Stryker Chet s just your ordinary former Delta Force operative now running his own international security company with a price on his head in Georgia the country His beautiful ex flame Mae a former military pilot asks for his help rescuing her teenage nephew who s been kidnapped in Georgia of course And since Chet had been the one to dump Mae totally to protect her from the dangers life at his side might hold sparks fly when he decides to join her on her mission of mercyBy the end of this book Chet Stryker had become one of my favorite male characters I loved his inner voice sense of humor and heroic spirit Mae came across as both vulnerable and brave a fascinating combination for a heroine I truly enjoyed this story